Planning and Executing an Effective Content Marketing
in Just 30 Minutes Per Day



Hosted by Leanne Pressly, CEO of Stitchcraft Marketing, a niche agency specializing in craft companies. 

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It's Q4 and you don't have a plan yet?

We feel your pain! We hear it every day at our agency. You know you need a content marketing and social media program for your craft business but you just don't have time, energy or money to do it well. If that's YOU, then this webinar is specifically aimed at teaching you the most important elements of a successful program. Our Webinar will cover these topics:

Identify Your Target Customer

Who is your customer avatar?

Creating Compelling Content

How to create VISUAL content with a focus on photography

Social Media Best Practices

How to Increase visibility for your brand on Instagram.

Building Your Tribe With Newsletters

Introduction to Autoresponders

Putting It All Together

How to block out your time in 30 minutes per day for one week

Take action for your craft business today!

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